St. Patrick's Day 2008

St. Patrick's Day 2008 with the RSBC
The members were on hand as were 100's of revelers dressed in their green stopping by for a song and a pint with the RSBC, and guest celebrity bartender - Steve O'Gray

St Patrick's Day 2008
kicks off!
"Bass Ale for Everyone!" Friday, March 14th
Let the celebration begin!
Parker, Peter T and Lisa raise a pint!

RSBC member Peter Sheehan and NH distributor of Bass Ale and Guinness, was on hand at the Friday afternoon assembly of the RSBC.  Peter, accompanied by his fiance Lisa, bought the first round for RSBC members.  Your choice of a Bass Ale or a 'Black andTan' was generously offered to all in attendance. Officially the kickoff for a celebratory St. Patrick's Day weekend at the RSBC.  Thanks to Peter for a great time!

A touch of green

Guest Bartender Steve Gray serves a Guinness
Celebrity Guest Bartender Steve 'O' Gray

Mel at the taps
Mel pours a perfect Black and Tan

The hostess with the mostess!
Kerry wears the green very well!

Steve serves up a good time!
Everyone is Irish... for a day at least.

St. Patricks Day '08
A happy group at the bar
Jay pal, Steve Gray, Jack Daly
Jay and Jack raise a pint to the Irish!

This is about as Irish as I'm gonna get!
Jay Palladino heads for 'the mountains'

At least the Olives are green!
Mel pours a perfect Dirty Martini

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